Patrick Yin

Hello! I am a fourth-year undergraduate studying computer science at UC Berkeley.

I currently do research with Prof. Sergey Levine at the Robotic AI and Learning Lab. I was previously a machine learning / computer vision intern at Ambi Robotics.

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I'm broadly interested in building intelligent robots.

Generalization with Lossy Affordances: Leveraging Broad Offline Data for Learning Visuomotor Tasks
Kuan Fang, Patrick Yin, Ashvin Nair, Homer Rich Walke, Gengchan Yan, Sergey Levine
CoRL 2022 (Oral)
project page / arXiv

We propose Fine-Tuning with Lossy Affordance Planner (FLAP), a framework that leverages diverse offline data for learning representations, goal-conditioned policies, and affordance models that enable rapid fine-tuning to new tasks in target scenes.

Planning to Practice: Efficient Online Fine-Tuning by Composing Goals in Latent Space
Kuan Fang*, Patrick Yin*, Ashvin Nair, Sergey Levine (* indicates equal contribution)
IROS 2022
project page / arXiv

We propose Planning to Practice (PTP), a method which makes it practical to train goal-conditioned policies for long-horizon tasks.

Bisimulation Makes Analogies in Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning
Philippe Hansen-Estruch, Amy Zhang, Ashvin Nair, Patrick Yin, Sergey Levine
ICML 2022
project page / arXiv

We propose a new form of state abstraction called goal-conditioned bisimulation that captures functional equivariance, allowing for the reuse of skills to achieve new goals in goal-conditioned reinforcement learning.

ambi Machine Learning / Computer Vision Intern, Ambi Robotics
January - May 2022

Worked on improving the computer vision system which powers AmbiSort.

uipath Software Engineering Intern, UiPath
June - August 2021

Worked on the Insights Team, which tracks UiPath's entire robotic process automation program.

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