lucent Lucent

  • Developed a web application that allows users to create automatable workflows for data exploration/processing
  • ​Underwent rapid product iteration by reaching out and pitching to employees from CROs, Gilead, and Oracle
  • Tech Stack: MERN Stack, Dagster, Flask, Pandas, Plotly, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, Redux, Python
phyzmo Phyzmo

  • ​ Available on App Store!
  • ​ Reduced university course cost by over $100 per student by constructing cross-platform application leveraging computer vision to help students visualize kinematic data for physics labs
  • Designed application to track moving objects and create visuals based on recorded data using Cloud AutoML
  • Tech Stack: GCP Vision API, GCP Cloud Functions, GCP Storage, OpenCV, Firebase, Python, Java, Swift
absent Absent

  • Launched iOS app coaching non-native speakers to improve their accent by analyzing their voice recordings
  • Utilized cosine similarity algorithm and word-level confidence analysis to dissect accent and provide feedback
  • Tech Stack: GCP Speech-to-Text API, GCP Cloud Functions, GCP Storage, Firebase, Python, Swift
mltube MLTube

  • Produced a web application which predicts the virality of YouTube videos by creating a CNN for NSFW classification of the thumbnail, a CNN for clickbait regression of the title, and a live web scraper for trendy tags
  • Tech Stack: Tensorflow/Keras, Flask, Selenium, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Heroku App Deployment
feesplitter FeeSplitter

  • Invented a web application tracking shared expenses and balances between roommates, friends, and family
  • Tech Stack: Javascript (Node.JS, Express.JS, React.JS), HerokuApp Deployment, HTML, CSS, SQL